Any strategy works as long as it is executed expertly.

Obvious winning strategies like Zappos providing superior customer service and Amazon always having the cheapest price attract a steady stream of eager clientele.

But it’s not just the obvious winning strategies that work. Bad strategies from bad people end up showing incredible results too. Strategies based in greed, bigotry, and divisive ideology also attract an eager clientele.

Good strategies win. So do bad strategies.

Good people do awesome things. So do bad people sometimes. Which is a reminder that what really matters is execution. Effort. Enthusiasm. Energy.

There are already people out there who want what you have to offer them. Your eager clientele is already ready to do business with you.

It’s your job to make sure they know you exist. It’s your calling to bring together that clientele into a community where they can grow stronger, develop deeper passion for your mission, and work to help you change the world.

You won’t go far if you’re not willing to work hard.

Creating engaged marketing isn’t a mystery. Executing a winning sales process isn’t a mystery. Developing expert leadership isn’t a mystery.

It’s all rooted in the foundation of incredible effort.

Other people might seem like they know what they’re doing more than you do right now. Other companies might seem to have a leg up on owning the conversation in your industry.

You might be broke, bothered, and in a bad mood right now because of life circumstances.

But all of that can change with the right amount of effort.

You can topple giants as long as you’re willing to put in the work required. You can change your life and get to where you want to be if you’re willing to do with no one else willing to do.

The longer you work and harder you work, the smarter you seem to work. Those strategies that seemed so confusing in the first place are a whole lot easier when you’re the one putting in the work to make them your own.

The question you have to answer isn’t what you want to do but how hard you’re willing to work to get things done.

Without enough effort you’ll always end up being a loser.

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