There’s tons of advice published in books, blogs, and articles, along with numerous seminars on being your best self. We follow celebrities who babble on endlessly with their tips on personal success. Of course, the champion of the “best self-movement” is Oprah. We are in a constant search for answers and quick solutions. Admittedly, I have been guilty of buying into the hype and I have the books to prove it. Let’s not forget, this is big business. Yes, we can acknowledge our lives are complicated, yet we continue to pursue the elusive dream of an easy fix.

We live in a world full of criticism. Everyone has an opinion; we let others affect who we are and how we interact with the world.  I contend that there are a select few of us that have developed unwavering confidence. Most of us don’t give ourselves credit for what we do. We judge ourselves harder than anyone else. We are anxious about our families, our friends, our finances, our jobs and more. We are influenced by other’s perceptions and views. Then, there are always people to tear you down. Life’s challenges can feel insurmountable and overwhelming, where we are prey to our circumstances. We believe that we are not good enough if we think of ourselves first. What are we to do to become the best version of ourselves and believe that we are worthy?

Living your best life starts with the little steps. Learn to pat yourself on the back at least once every day. It’s a daily practice of self-admiration and approval. Today is your time to flip the script and give yourself praise for your accomplishments, no matter how small.

  • Maybe for you, it’s getting out of bed today,
    • 1st step – ok, its done.
  • Maybe its meeting one new person today,
    • 2nd step – that was hard, yet it was worthwhile.
  • Maybe its acing the test or the interview,
    • 3rd step – whew, its finally over.
  • Maybe its finding more joy in your surroundings, your family and your friends,
    • Another step – clearly moving in the right direction.
  • Maybe its saying no to more work and yes to more life,
    • One more step and now its a daily habit – you are on your way to becoming the whole you!

It takes practice to throw off years of denying your self-worth. Instead, give yourself permission to focus on you and realize you are worthy of praise. Being brave,allows you to withstand the inevitable storms and opens you up to new experiences. Expect that it may take time to build a healthier version of you. Stand in the mirror, really see you and agree to start fresh each day! Remind yourself to say today, I did it. Taking one step at a time!






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