Companies across the country are desperately trying to get their right and left brains working as they lay out ways to work the confusing ways of Digital Marketing. As we work through the maze of paths to follow I would present 10 incorrect assessments that I feel are present.

Judgment 1: Digital technology changes too fast to keep up. That is a yes and no. You do need to be working they channels but it is not changing as much or as fast as you might think. What is changing is the way consumers are accessing it. PC, Laptop. I-phone text, THAT is what is all over the place.

Judgment 2. There is this “new” thing called big data. Don’t get all stressed out buy this term Big Data. Big Data is nothing new, just the new scary buzz word running around the industry to scare everyone all off. It has really been around forever. You just need to understand your market segments and what questions and answers do you need to know and have answers too? This is what most businesses need rather than “Big Data”. Unless your company can process thousands or leads there is nothing to think about here. What you really need is Little Data targeted.

Judgment 3: Our brand has a one-to-one digital strategy to engage customers when, where and how they prefer. Ya, ya, ya, everyone says this but nobody dies this or can. The closest chance you have is a call center marketing attack. Any communication you have in any other channel is rule-based, and not completely personal. So don’t think digital strategy think engagement strategy.

Judgment 4: Our brand needs a mobile app. Mobile is a channel, not a strategy. Only an app that has an impact is one that serves a need. In other words apps that impact are ones that serve a specific need. Or the app must be developed the way new products and services are.

Judgment 5: Our brand has to have a facebook page. Most do but does yours? I’m thinking that Preparation H and Condoms are not the kind of products to communicate about their brands and be engaging on Facebook, I think. At least I hate to think about the client engagement on those products.

Judgment 6: You need a microsite for your campaign. You don’t need a micro-site for anything. You can put your special content on a page on your existing web site. Maybe yes and maybe no. A purl has it place but you might take a look at Linked Local Network: . This is money well spent. For less than the price of a cup of coffee you will see a double digits in your alexa score getting better in the 1st week.

Judgment 7: Our digital manager doesn’t know code. After I say so what I will tell you if you’re a large enough company someone should know code but more important is that you understand the value and how long things take. Then you won’t get cheated.

Judgment 8: We can’t ignore this new digital thing. You can’t? You really cannot be everywhere nor should you be. Better to be using 3 social media sites at close to 100% than 20 at 5% each. It is all about viability, not the numbers. Need help see our Social Media Marketing plans. We get you on the map.

Judgment 9: We can measure this digital thing or can we? The understanding of what can and what cannot be measured is limited to understanding the data. Things like followers beyond friends and family, better yet how many shares are you getting off your postings. Find what is important and measure it.

Judgment 10: We don’t understand this digital thing. Stop treating digital as some kind of special thing. It’s not, it’s only just another tool in your bag of tricks. Identify the experience you want your customers have and the experience you want to deliver to them and the value that that will deliver to your business. Then determine how best to execute that total experience in social and digital platforms.
Larson Notes & Satire:
Need insight and direction for your social media marketing? Take a look at Linked Local Network:

Through this tool we have a system that through the power of the group, because as a landing page that is a page within a page you have other’s puling raw leads in your direction. Really it’s true. Companies that are using a Sig Page are seeing 30% to 40% more web activity on their existing web sites. And we have seen those companies web sites getting a 14.7% lowering (the lower the score the better) in their Alexa rankings!

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