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Mike Stewart

Linked Local Network - Mike Stewart - Community VoiceMike Stewart worked as a skilled professional in telecommunications since 1979 when he installed phone systems for a small company in Burlingame, CA. In 2001, the world of technology was moving quickly towards computers. At that time, Mike was hired by a company to install new products that shifted towards cutting edge technology and computer-based communications.

Mike’s income was generous but two things were missing in his life: He wanted to spend more quality time with his family, and he had a desire to help people in a way that really mattered. He decided to take his knowledge out to the public by starting his own personal computer business, TechEZ PC Repair. Mike’s reward in starting his own business has been to provide customers with a service that not only solves their technical issues but educates them to be self-sufficient so they can save money.

Mike is a coordinator for the Central Coast Hour Exchange, a local Time Bank and loves to volunteer at events in his community.

Mike recently authored an online course titled Create a Business Working from Home to help people take their ideas or passions and turn them in to a business.





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