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Linked Local Network Community Voice - Howard LarsonHoward Larson is Owner and Grand Poobah of Larson & Associates, a company designed for Target Marketing & Telesales Attacks for new account acquisition. Using a self-designed system that was crafted over the course of over 256,000 phone hours , and over 14,560 telemarketing / target marketing campaigns for both Fortune 100 companies to companies of 1 person armies with dreams of greatness  association she has come to specialize in exclusively small to mid-sized companies with a need, desire and hunger to not just grow but become the best company in their class and industry. Using a multichannel attach that was crafted and refined through actual marketing programs, designed before the internet raised its multi-headed Hydra cyber monster out of the primal carnage of online marketing. Larson Logo

He has adapted this technology with this knowledge to propel client’s multichannel marketing attacks to what in years past took years to bring to fruitarian down two weeks. By knowing the rules he has leaned what to break and tweak when necessary or in the words of his father, Bob Larson “You need to know the rules (of advertising and marketing) before you have the right to break them.” Beginning his career in the Graphic Arts in the Family businesses of Larson Graphics and Larson Typographers he was part of taking a $250,000 company to over $1 million in sales in 5 years. Since that time he has worked on sales and marketing efforts to help take 11 other companies to the $1million in sales. His own business, Larson & Associates was established in 1975 as a “stat house” and has undergone 3 redesigning, makeovers and refocuses to become a dominate telemarketing firm for small & medium sized businesses exclusively.

Howard received his undergrad from Northland College in Ashland Wisconsin with a double major in Biology and Philosophy , then advanced to do some work at the University of Wisconsin / Madison to achieve a MA/PhD with a emphasis in target marketing by constructing a serious of Direct Mail Campaigns for actual clients to graph out statistically what campaign could achieve when used with other forms of Advertising, Marketing and Salesmanship got the highest ROI in both % or participation and $ amounts.

He and his wife Kris of over 35 years live in the Suburbs of Chicago and have 4 children.

To keep his sanity Howard sings in the Normennenes Singing Society (a Norwegian Men’s Chorus) where he currently holds the office as Music Chairman in addition to singing with his church choir. You might also find him out running having been an All American Runner 14 times and a Boston Marathon qualifier and participant.

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