Marie Roth

Please meet Marie Roth!  Marie comes from the Central Coast of California where she’s lived an annoyingly idyllic lifestyle enjoying everything there is to be offered in a literal paradise on Earth.  Residing on a space of about 10 acres of land, Marie can often be found outdoors on the property either tending to her gardening, walking the dog in the pasture, stopping to give the two resident horses a little back scratch or sitting out at the patio table typing away on the lap-top.

Marie’s been a bit of a local connector, working to help folks find the resources they need to do better business.  She’s the weekly host of Coffee @ The Carlton Networking group, an intimate group of local business professionals building deeper referral connections to other working professionals, as well as would be consumers in the community.

She’s also in the illicit business of life insurance. Don’t roll your eyes, she’s one of the good guys!  Her heart to serve others motivates her desire in guiding folks to better versions of their future selves.

This gal marches to the beat of a different drum, finding joy and stimulation in reading books like “Quantum Glory” by Phil Mason or “Think, Learn, Succeed” by Dr. Caroline Leaf, searching for answers to questions not many people even think to ask.

Marie is successful at achieving what some call “work life balance”.  Experiencing some major life imbalances for herself she’s compelled to not only learn for works for her, but loves to share golden nuggets of self realization with others.  “I’m the first to laugh at my own human-ness. (Shortly after I’ve berated myself) I love to quote Jim Morrison of the Doors, “people are strange, when they’re a stranger.”  Get to know them a little bit and you’ll start to see the similarities.

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