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Learning to Walk-the Road to Recovery is a podcast dedicated to Carrying the message that all people, regardless of their individual issues can and do recover from anything if one is willing to put in the work. It’s not easy, but it’s worth every step of the journey not matter how tiny or seemingly irrelevant. Every step counts. 

We are here to share our experience with recovery and to talk to other people walking the road along with us no matter what their individual road looks like; no two Roads are identical just as no two humans are exactly the same. We will be talking to many different people, walking many different Roads and I can’t wait to get started

A prerecorded episode will be airing on Sunday evenings and 7 pm Pacific Time starting Sunday April 21, 2024. Please email us with any questions and feel free to tell us your story with us so w e can get to know you! Have a blessings and joy filled day!

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Serenity Prayer

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A Few Days Away – Learning to walk the road to recovery

A Few Days Away - Learning to walk the Road to Recovery. Serenity Prayer Hi there y'all! This is Elixabeth, one of the hosts of this new podcast! Both Matt and I are looking forward to sharing this and much more with all of you. This coming Sunday we will be posting...
Sunset signifying the radio show for Learing to walk the road to recovery

One Week Until Liftoff

Welcome to the Learning to Walk; the Road to Recovery Podcast! We are thrilled that you are here. Next Sunday at 7 pm Pacific Time we will be kicking off our podcast by talking about the podcast and sharing our stories with you. Please come and join us! Click here to...
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