If you want to accomplish your dreams, avoiding disaster isn’t good enough. And being good isn’t great enough. Even being great isn’t the same as being awesome. And being awesome isn’t easy.

In fact, achieving awesome is close to impossible.

And yet it happens every day.

All across the globe, ordinary people with driving ambition and brutally honest expectations rise to the challenge and do something that the rest of us can only call “awesome”.

Which begs an important question — “HOW”?

How do some people crush it while you just seem to stay stuck?

  1. Awesome people do the brutally hard work that everyone else just makes excuses to avoid doing.
  2. Awesome people take personal responsibility for every area of their life — even when things seem to be out of their control.
  3. Awesome people look at obstacles as an opportunity to achieve a higher level of success, not as life being “unfair” to them.
  4. Awesome people don’t confuse degrees and certifications with a never-ending obsession to keep learning.
  5. Awesome people seek out great mentors and pay for elite coaching to help them develop take their game to the next level.
  6. Awesome people deliberately focus on incredible performance one goal at a time and avoid the trap of being “good” at a lot of things.
  7. Awesome people develop the discipline to work on what really matters when it really matters.
  8. Awesome people improve their personal character flaws instead of just expecting other people to “get them”.
  9. Awesome people give more to the world than they take, and they give before they achieve success — not just after they reap the rewards of achieving audacious goals.
  10. Awesome people don’t let the negativity and bias of the world around them influence their passion for accomplishing their mission.
  11. Awesome people work on fixing their own insecurities, fears, and emotional pain — and use those lessons to be more “human” in their interactions with others.
  12. Awesome people refuse to see obstacles and setbacks as the way things will always be.
  13. Awesome people are careful to develop and protect their internal will to win. They work on staying inspired and “hungry”.
  14. Awesome people treat those around them with kindness — even those they disagree with.
  15. Awesome people live ready to take advantage of the good luck that life serves up. They stay fit — physically, financially, and mentally.
  16. Awesome people are obsessed about figuring out and improving the details of their plan that are easy to overlook.
  17. Awesome people believe that they are capable of achieving more than what they are doing right now.

How awesome are you?

What are the excuses you make to avoid being uncomfortable?

Being awesome isn’t easy. But it’s worth it.

Every day, ordinary people with extraordinary dedication and relentless effort do things that are awesome.

Maybe it’s time for you to be one of them.

Start acting like it.

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