You only have to spend a little bit of time around negative people to know the devastating impact of thoughts.

What you think about most becomes the reality of your life.

If you are controlled by bitterness and regret, all you seem to see around you are things that make you angry and frustrated. The same as true in the opposite sense when you choose to find the bright spot in whatever situation you find yourself.

Regardless of your reality, you feel happy and fulfilled. You have high hopes for the future.

But beyond your own personal experiences with the thoughts you think, how does this work?

Do positive thoughts really lead to better outcomes? Does it really matter that you allow yourself to brood over negativity in your daily life?

A lot of research has been done and many books written on the topic of positive thinking. From The Secret to The Power Of Positive Thinking, Think And Grow Rich, and the writings of Neville Goddard to new age religious thinkers that include Joel Osteen and TD Jakes, many people have put their spin on the power of your thoughts — from religion to metaphysical to personal motivation.

Right off the bat many people label this entire category of discussion as “woo-woo”. They’ll tell you right away with a quick turn of their head “I don’t believe in any of that crap”.

These same people will tell you to be realistic and keep your feet on the ground — all the while complaining about how other people have negatively impacted their lives for them.

No amount of personal experience or reasoning will convince them of anything to the contrary — especially their own culpability.

If you fall into this category of being an automatic skeptic then you should know that I do not intend to make a believer out of you. However, if you have been as puzzled as I have been about the power of thoughts and how thinking leads to outcomes, both good and bad, then let’s debate the following points together.

1. Negativity is never helpful.

Whether it starts as actions or attitudes, negativity creates tension in your life that always leads to poor outcomes.

We don’t want to be around negativity in others. Since we all have problems and are busy dealing with our own crap, being forced to deal with your negativity as well is just another reason to avoid you.

It’s hard to find breakthrough in your life or catch a break from others when you put them in a position where they don’t feel like helping you.

That’s the dynamic created by negativity — in any shape or form. It is absurd then that negative thinking attracts goodness into your life.

2. Thinking without action doesn’t lead to success.

Just thinking about success doesn’t make you a success. You taking action is what leads to better outcomes. You have to do something if you want to get something.

It’s preposterous to believe that thoughts alone will lead you to a life of wealth and good health. You have to do things that lead to wealth and good health.

But that doesn’t mean that thinking about success isn’t important.

Continuous thinking creates obsession. Obsession is what gives you that extra advantage over everyone else. Instead of giving up when you face problems you confront them and find a way around them.

Thinking is what leads to better action. You still have to do something to be effective.

3. The breakthrough you are looking for already exists.

Thinking about breakthrough doesn’t create breakthrough any more than thinking about success without action create success. Here’s the thing about possibility — it is endless beyond measure.

What you want to achieve is already possible. No one is holding you back, slowing you down, or stopping you. It is your thoughts that create the perception of limitations.

Time and time again in sports or academic excellence a breakthrough by one person almost immediately spawns that same accomplishment by many others. There is something inside you that triggers when you believe that what your attempting to do is likely to happen.

Maybe you try harder. Maybe you give up less. Maybe you trust your instincts and go for it when otherwise you would have backed away and tried something else. The possibility for you to achieve success doesn’t just exist, it is inevitable. But you have to believe that before it matters for you.

4. If you think it’s true, it’s true for you.

The simple truth about beliefs is that you believe what you want to believe, how you want to believe it. Truth isn’t necessarily based on universal reality. It’s based on solely on your perspective — how what you see matches up to what you believe. This begins to explain the power of positive thoughts.

When you believe that blessings are in your future, that truth will live out in your daily existence. When you belief that success is your destiny and that good things happen to people who do good work, you literally create the future you believe exist.

And not because your thoughts are a magic wand that create that future. It’s a bit simpler than that.

What you think, you believe. What you believe, you see. You actively look for goodness, greatness, and glory. It feels like magnetism. Like success is brought to you. In truth, it’s been there the whole time, just waiting for you to find your truth.

5. None of this matters if you don’t care.

There is an ancient Buddhist philosophy that says “When the student is willing the teacher will appear”. There is an Arabian proverb that says something similar: “The taste of the bread depends upon how hungry you are”.

The same can be said about personal development. You don’t need to care about getting better. And if you don’t, it shows. The same applies to your thoughts.

If you don’t need to think better, this entire discussion feels like mumbo jumbo.

Here is the crazy irony — at some point you will care. Because you’ll be stuck and need to find your way out of the mess you’re in. But then, you’ll have all the odds tipped against you.

You have to figure out how to get back on your feet without having worked on the skill of powerful thinking.

So even if you don’t think you care, take a moment to think about how you’ll feel when you do care. Or when you have cared in the past.

From my earliest days in church and throughout seminary studying the Holy Bible, I was often reminded of a single proverb written by King Solomon: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

Perhaps that sums up the essence of this entire discussion.

You are what you choose to think about.

Negativity, fear, and doubt are choices that you allow ourself to make.

The same is true about hope and promise, wealth, love, and goodness.

Regardless of where you are on your personal journey towards success, know that what you think about most you become.

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