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  1. They don’t rationalize or trivialize failure — and stop themselves when they are tempted to make excuses.
  2. They have an off switch. They know how to enjoy the moment, relax, and enjoy what they have in their life already.
  3. They don’t confuse their job with their identity
  4. They are more interested in getting things done than they are in doing things that are easy.
  5. They make every effort to finish what they start — even when it costs them more than seems reasonable.
  6. They practice what they preach.
  7. They are comfortable with new and different, even though it’s scary at times.
  8. They work to stay in shape personally — eating smart and exercising.
  9. They are vigorously effective — stay busy, productive and thinking ahead.
  10. They associate themselves with like-minded people.
  11. They understand the importance of building great teams and win-win relationships.
  12. They are ambitious and driven — they want to be awesome and work to achieve it.
  13. They always find a way to maximize their strengths and get more out of their performance.
  14. They have clarity about what they want and don’t want for their life.
  15. They innovate new ideas rather than imitate what everyone else is doing.
  16. They fight procrastination and refuse to wait for the “right time” to get started.
  17. They are life-long readers and learners and leaders.
  18. They are always educating themselves, asking questions, and reading about success.
  19. They are positive people – while still being pragmatic and down-to-earth. They find the good in circumstances around them.
  20. They do what needs to be done regardless of how they feel that moment.
  21. They find opportunities where others see problems.
  22. They learn lessons from situations where others just make excuses.
  23. They are focused on finding a solution.
  24. They do hard work step-by-step-by-step to create their own success instead of hoping to get lucky.
  25. They are not controlled or limited by the fear they feel.
  26. They ask better questions. They refuse to let negative thoughts define their emotional state.
  27. They don’t waste time complaining about things that are outside of their own control.
  28. They don’t blame other people for their own actions and results.
  29. They don’t keep stopping and starting.
  30. They take smart risks – financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical.
  31. They deal with problems and challenges quickly and efficiently.
  32. They don’t believe in, or wait for fate, destiny, chance, luck, or someone else to better their life.
  33. They take action before they have to.
  34. They are effective at being aware of and managing their emotions.
  35. They work consciously at being a good communicator.
  36. They do things others won’t.
  37. They become exceptional by choice.
  38. They know what moves them in their core and build their life around being true to that.
  39. They develop life fitness instead of aiming for balance.
  40. They are careful to develop discipline and self-control.
  41. They are strong.
  42. They aren’t scared to do what no one else is doing.
  43. They do not derive their sense of worth from how affluent or attractive they are.
  44. They take pleasure in helping others achieve success.
  45. They are humble and quick to admit mistakes —  and then apologize.
  46. They don’t invest emotional energy into things they have no control over.
  47. They don’t need constant approval to keep putting in hard work.
  48. They set high standards for themselves.
  49. They work hard and put in consistent effort to achieve daily momentum.
  50. They are incredibly resilient. Trying again — and again — to achieve meaningful progress.
  51. They are open to feedback from others and use what they learn to improve.
  52. They refuse to hang out with negative people.

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