There is a lot of frustration brewing around about not being able to get Facebook likes and engagement fast enough. Pam Dyer had created a very informative infographic on how to generate Facebook likes in 7 different ways. There are many business owners who do not have an area to like their page on their blogs and that is a huge mistake. Perhaps they do not know the importance of having that like feature, and that being the case, this is why social media education is crucial for all business owners or marketers. You can also generate likes by running a Facebook ad campaign. However, it is best to do that if you have a product or service to offer along with that. All you can do is test it out. Read the article, study the infographic and learn the 7 ways to generate Facebook likes.

Community breeds success on Facebook. 7 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes [Infographic] Without a community, you have no listeners to help you build brand awareness and deliver ROI. You must have a community filled with people who like you and share your content with their friends . Your […]

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