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I’m presuming that, as you’re viewing this, you are disappointed with the reach of your Facebook posts. Quite, we all are! But it’s the essence of the beast and something we all have to admit. And, if you’ve seen any of my posts, you know I’m not one for gaming the system or raising silly tricks and gimmicks to trick the algorithm.

But, I am always testing Facebook posting methods and reading what others suggest. I endure a few Facebook pages and often try different things on each. If it works on one, I work it on the others to see if it’s an exception or a real strategy. Lately, I’ve encountered a few ways to be more effective in boosting my Facebook reach. So, I am sharing them with you here.

One solution for nonprofits is to practice Facebook ads. But ads are not the only resolution!

Here are nine ways you can boost Facebook reach without promoting posts:

1. Analyze Your Top Ten:
Jump into your Facebook page Insights and sort your posts by likes, comments, and shares. It is the quickest method to understand what’s resonating with Facebook users.

Explore out patterns. Are they frequently photos? If so, what material do they have in common? What can you review from the comments in these updates? You will get the conclusion.

2. Post Off the Hour:
This is a trick that I stated a while ago, and I’ve attempted it out many times. The logic behind this approach is that most bloggers post on the hour or half-hour (i.e., 6:00 am or 1:30 pm). Hence, there is increased data being driven out at those times, reducing the possibility of your data being observed.

Hence, if you post at an odd time, like 6:10 am or 1:47 pm, you may bypass some of those saturated posting times and boost your post’s possibilities of being noticed.

Of course, there’s a lot extra that goes into the algorithm than just your posting time, so this “logic” may be entirely nullified.

But, I have tried this tactic various times, often with good outcomes. So, I will stay to post at odd times.

3. Use Positive Words:
In common, Facebook desires to present positive data to their audience, so the algorithm will likely draw more positive items into your user’s news feeds.

I have noticed that using positive words like “excited” or “loving this” or “awesome” or “wow” and other words and slogans like this boost my average post reach.

Take some time when you craft your Facebook post headings to assure that you are presenting a powerful and positive message. Even if it doesn’t promote your post reach directly, chances are it will resonate more with your fans and they’ll be more engaged anyways.

4. Post on Weekends:
Throughout the weekends, most people have extra free time to notice what’s up with their Facebook friends. Also, very rare brands post only on the weekends, so there’s negligible competition in the newsfeed. It spells chance for your nonprofit to get more publicity in the Newsfeed!

Remember to make your posts “weekend friendly,” concentrating on matters like family, entertainment, and weekend exercises. If your community is primarily religious, post respectively.

5. Commenting Creates Eyeballs:
Studies have revealed that audiences are more expected to interact with a post that other people have previously interacted with. A post with loads of comments is going to promote further commenting because it promotes conversation and debate. More engagement on your post is a positive signal to the News Feed algorithm, presenting it more possible that your post will pop up in more people’s feeds.

6. Use Media in Your Posts:
We recognize it’s all about visual marketing – photos or videos. But Facebook certainly appears to be pushing this. Every time I’ve published a text-only update, the reach on those posts suck. As contrasted with posts that have a photo, a link, or a video.

So, keep discovering ways to add those visual ingredients in your post updates.
Tip: How to Create Free Images for Blogs Even if You Are Not a Designer

7. @ Mention Other Pages:
If you are suggesting a resource or crediting somebody in your post captions, use the @ symbol followed by their page name to accurately acknowledging them in the post. Facebook will permit you to choose their page name from a drop down menu.

Doing this links your post to other Facebook pages and Facebook likes to promote Facebook. Hence, you will normally notice that these posts produce more reach.

8. Use Webinars:
If webinars are a principal part of your communications strategy, consider about using your Facebook page as a post-webinar discussion board! It leverages the strong attention you have throughout your webinars to promote your Facebook Page fan base and reach. This strategy works and is a core approach for Social Media Examiner.

9. Use Pinterest:
If your follower base is especially women, you should use Pinterest. You can build more reach for your Facebook Page photos by reposting them on Pinterest and connecting back to the page update. The reach report within Page Insights will reveal you how well this is working.

And there you have my sneaky tips to boost your Facebook reach. Now it’s your turn. What’s a creative strategy you’ve unlocked to generate more visibility for your Facebook page updates? Let us know in the comments Below!

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