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  1. Winners don’t give up. They want to at times. They just don’t. They get hurt. They feel pain. They get angry.  They make mistakes — sometimes big ones. But they keep going. They keep moving towards where they want to be.
  2. There is always an excellent reason to give up. And if you look for a reason to justify quitting when things get uncomfortable, there is always a legitimate option available. That doesn’t mean it’s the right decision to make.
  3. Your goals always look a lot scarier a few months after you make them. In the heat of the moment, making a big goal seems impressive. Over time, you start to doubt your sanity. That’s not an excuse to give up.
  4. Success comes down to the little things. Mastering the details makes the difference between those who win and those who live life frustrated and bitter. It’s not a big thing that is standing in your way of success. It’s a detail you’ve overlooked.
  5. What you think about the most you eventually do. If all you think about is failure and giving up, you’ll eventually do that. Winners make time to think beyond the frustration of the moment. They meditate on what success looks like.
  6. If you keep moving towards where you want to be, you’ll eventually end up there. Always. It might take you longer than you want. It will usually be more difficult that you expect. But your focused effort will get you across the finish line.
  7. If you don’t believe in yourself, no else’s opinion or support will be enough to motivate you to keep moving. There aren’t many people cheering you on when you look like an idiot doing hard things. Be your own cheerleader.
  8. The difference between winning and losing usually just comes down to who has the most guts — not brains. There isn’t some magical new idea or process you can deploy to save yourself the agony of pushing through the hard things.
  9. Just because you gave up one time isn’t a good excuse for you to keep giving up. Don’t let one moment of weakness lead to a lifetime of unrealized goals. Improve. Learn. Bet on yourself. Do it differently this time around.
  10. Just because you don’t know the exact next step to take doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a next step. It’s easier to adjust when you already have momentum. Building and maintaining momentum should be your highest priority.
  11. No amount of evidence or facts will be able to persuade you to keep going if you don’t believe in yourself. Your inspiration can’t be someone else’s opinion. It has to be a deep sense of purpose. Coupled with urgency.
  12. The most likely winner isn’t always the person who ends up winning. Just because you haven’t already achieved the results you want for yourself doesn’t mean you never will. It just means it hasn’t happened yet.
  13. You’ll feel better when you get to where you want to be. It just hurts until you get there. Don’t confuse discomfort with the lack of progress. Everyone else is in pain too. Winners trade short term pain for a lifetime of satisfaction.

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