Time to pay the bills again. It seems like I just paid them but the envelopes and statements show they are due again. I logged onto my email so I could in turn log on to my bank.

I see 102 messages. Many, many are notifications that there are comments on this very site. As I review them my heart sinks. Today there were 15 spam messages. Bazar totally unrelated comments fill pages that thankfully don’t show up but that I do have to briefly review before I delete them. I log in and mark them as spam.

As long as I’m on the Choices Fundraising site, I’ll review the counter. It’s very gratifying to see that the views this month are on track to exceed the views for the prior month. My statistics don’t give me a great deal of detail but I see that the hits are getting higher and higher. I check the date on my blog and see that it has been a few days. I try to blog twice a week, sometimes more if I have a lot to say. So, I open Word to copy one of the blogs that I have already written. Word takes a few minutes to open. I’m sure it’s either my computer or just me. I have a lifelong problem with inanimate objects. Someday I will write about how can openers hate me. While Word is opening, I figure it is a good time to use the bathroom and refill my coffee cup.

As I emerge from the bathroom my dog West indicates that he has a similar need. I put his leash on and take him out. He’s quick and I return to the computer to see Word has opened. I choose a blog and as I’m about to highlight to copy it, I see a change I want to make. I consider the words and phrases and make some updates. Oops, I’ve used the same word too many times in a single blog. I use the thesaurus and find a suitable alternative. Satisfied, I save the document then highlight, copy and paste it into the correct place on the website. I add a photo and then play around with the placement. I can’t help but refresh the counter. Wow, four new people have viewed the site. I wonder who those four people are.

My email inbox also has Facebook notifications. I’d better look at those. I would not want to miss anything important. An hour later I see that my friends are proud of this or that and are prompting me to like if I am also proud of my ___________(fill in the blank). Yes, I’m proud of my special ____________ but am not big on peer pressure to share. I do get pulled in to a few humorous posts and click away on the like button. A few friends have also updated their profile picture and I like those as well. As long as I’m on Facebook, I feel compelled to check the Choices Fundraising Support page. BTW, have you visited and liked that page? If not, please do. 

I pick up my coffee cup. It’s empty. I forgot to fill it. Off to the kitchen.

Back to my email inbox, there are some coupons I might need. I try unsuccessfully to print them. The printer tells me it is off line. I swear this printer goes on vacation at least once a week. I unplug and then re-plug it. It whirs on and then announces it is out of paper. I fill it with the recycle paper since it’s for coupons. My coupons print and I grab scissors to trim them. I put them into my purse so I have them when I need them. I can be forgetful.

The Volunteer Coordinator from Canine Companions for Independence has sent me a demo request. I check the date and then respond that yes, West and I can do the demo. It’s for the Lions Club. They are huge supporters and I’m happy to do another demo for the organization. Knowing myself, I immediately add the information to the calendar on my smart phone.

I came in here for something but don’t remember….maybe I’ll check Ebay.

All the Best,

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