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I have been doing a lot of blogging on the importance of social media engagement and interaction, as well as why it is important to pay attention to your Klout score. However, I have come across many people who are unsure of where to find networkers that will help them stand out in their social media presence. There are plenty of resources out there where you can grow your tribe and network such as Empire Avenue as well as Triberr. There are also many groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that are used specifically to encourage networking and keeping up a strong social media presence. I am happy to announce there is a new group which is becoming popular just after a day of being created. You are given the opportunity to get natural interaction on your Facebook profiles or pages, as well as getting good quality retweets. If you are interested in joining please contact me through this site. However, before you ask to join, I must go over the rules with you that are listed below-

Facebook pages/profiles and Tweets for retweeting that will be accepted must be-

  • The pages or tweets are not spammy
  • No MLM
  • No pages that are all about selling and pitching
  • Not religious, political, adult, gambling related or discriminatory
  • Must have content that others can easily share
  • You must participate in the group at least 3 times per week

If your Facebook profiles or pages and Twitter profile qualifies, and if you are committed to participating at least 3 times a week- then contact me and I will send you the details. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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