Miriam Slozberg

The one way that your friends on Facebook will get your attention is by tagging you. They may tag you in a picture daily to greet you. Perhaps they may tag you only when there is an important announcement they want to make- and want to make sure that you notice it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with tagging your friends in situations such as those. In fact I used to tag my connections daily just to greet them with a nice picture. I no longer feel that is necessary to do.

If enough of your connections notice your greetings or your status updates on Facebook, the rest of your connections will end up noticing. There really is no need to tag due to that in my opinion. Personally I started growing tired of tagging overtime. However, I don’t mind if a connection tags me once a day or less in a kind greeting with a nice picture. If they tag me more often than once a day, I will simply remove the tag and not even interact- unless they want to convey a very important message. Otherwise, tagging more than once a day becomes intrusive and annoying to your connections.My advice is not to do that. However, that is not the worst of what I have experienced with tagging.

I can tolerate when my friends, my connections tag me, even if it happens to be more than once a day. Like I just said I will remove the tag and ignore the post if the tagging becomes excessive. However, I will not automatically unfriend or block them for that reason. The issue I have the most with tagging is when those who are not on my list tag me!

That is right! If you are not a friend on Facebook, please do not tag me or anyone else who is not in your list. Because you have no connection to the individual you are tagging other than having some mutual friends- this action is incredibly intrusive.

Imagine someone who you do not know from Adam knocks on your door to your home. You answer the door and he just walks right in and makes himself at home. How would you feel? You would be ready to call the cops, right? Okay, well when you are tagged by someone who is not your friend- you are not going to be doing that obviously. However, the feeling you have will be quite similar to the feeling you get when this guy who you don’t know walks into your home like that. You will feel more than just annoyed. You will feel violated. Being tagged by people who I don’t know creates those kinds of feelings. In fact if this is done multiple times, it equates to harassment.

Facebook has not made any effort to not allow people to tag anyone who is not on their list. My suggestion to you is please do not tag anyone who you don’t know. I can guarantee you that will not be appreciated and will result in being blocked- perhaps even being reported.

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