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2010 a nightmare on elm street movie normal 1 300x225 An Overview of Augmented Reality with True Pixels Aqib Khan

On the last episode of Getting Social with Miriam, I covered the topics of branding as well as augmented reality. I was proud to have someone who I have worked with for over 3 years as a guest on this last show. We had uncovered everything that you would have definitely been fascinated to know about augmented reality.

My guest was Aqib Kahn, who is the owner of True Pixel, which offers services such as brand development, architecture and positioning, as well as many other services involving augmented reality. Aqib attended MIT’s ACE program and targeted an Ivey MBA. He has coupled his strong knowledge-base with over a decade of executive experience. Aqib manages a team of “Rockstars”, ensuring only the best and brightest ideas for his clients.

In the podcast we covered how brand building has evolved- and how augmented reality has impacted branding and why companies- especially B2C should get involved. The future of AR was also discussed, as well as why CPG, automotive and construction companies are beginning to utilize this technology now.

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