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On the last episode of Getting Social with Miriam, the focus was on dating and relationships. How is this relevant to business owners? As business owners our personal lives spill into our professional lives. Therefore, if our relationships are going sour, it is going to have a negative impact on our professional performance. My guest for the podcast was a highly influential Relationship Expert, Janice Hoffman. She covered many relationship aspects such as the behavior of men and women.

In June of 1996, Dr. John Gray, author of the Mars Venus world, called Janice Hoffman, asking her to be trained as his first Mars Venus Facilitator. Since that day, Janice has facilitated hundreds of
Mars Venus workshops and Get Smart Dating programs. What made Janice unique was her relationship with Dr. John Gray. She quickly became the Training Director for the Mars Venus Institute. Over the years, Janice helped train over 550 Mars Venus Facilitators worldwide.

As Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus rose to its ultimate success, Janice grew in demand as a professional speaker and relationship expert. Taking all she learned from Mars Venus, Janice condensed the Mars Venus philosophy, with her own principles and created 12 easy-to-use, yet specific strategies. She added a “How-to” for men and for women for each “rule” to ensure their success. Relationship Rules quickly won first place with the Colorado Independent Publishers Association.

Listen to the podcast below.

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