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Congratulations to Tammy Parkinson Brown for winning the Snowflake Quilt!  Tammy was thrilled when I called her with the news.  We will be getting together in a few days so I can present her with the quilt and take some photos.

Tammy earned entries to win the quilt by making a donation on line to her choice of non-profits.  Tammy chose to donate to The American Cancer Society.  Her donation is helping to find a cure for cancer.  At the same time she was supporting a relative who was a participant in a fundraiser.  She went to his participant’s page to make her donation.

By donating on line, a higher percentage of her contribution went to work.  Donating on line is efficient.  Once the initial programming is in place, no resources are used to record and deposit the payment.

Thank you Tammy and to everyone who participated in the 2013 Snowflake Project.  While this project is over, please continue to “Be a Snowflake in a Blizzard of Charity”.  Every donation, no matter how small really does add up to make a difference.

New Thank You Rewards are coming soon.  Please view the Thank You Reward Tab to watch the progress of the “Fall in Love with Books” quilt.

All the Best,


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