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Miriam Slozberg negative reviews

A few months ago, I had written a blog post about why you cannot always trust online glowing reviews. The same applies to negative online reviews.

If someone had a good reputation for the most part and you end up finding a spiteful review about that individual, be sure to keep your mind about that open. If a business owner is successful or likable, someone out there could be extremely jealous and would want to find a way to ruin that individual. Writing up an untrue and negative review is sadly a good way to do that. Especially if the review is on a well known review site and ends up ranking high on search engines for that reason.

Unfortunately, I did have an encounter with this situation. Someone had written a nasty, hateful, spiteful review about me which was completely untrue. I did refute it, and thankfully this review did not harm me overall. I figured because I have been known to share good quality content, there are jealous people around. As it turns out I was right. In fact, I also discovered that the individual who had written that review was an old high school bully from 25 years ago that still quite obviously refuses to move beyond that time.

My point is that if you read a negative review about a business owner who maintains a good reputation, and has many positive testimonials, and is well liked- then chances are the review was written by someone who is jealous, or holding a grudge, or in my case an old high school bully that refuses to let the past go. In other words, don’t believe what is said based on one or even several spiteful reviews. If you are thinking of hiring someone who had a negative review written up, instead of going right to his or her competitors- talk to that individual about the review. There is a chance that he or she may not be aware of it, and it is always best for business owners to know what is being said or written about them. They can have a chance to refute it, or try to outrank the false review.

You cannot believe what is written online, positive or negative. Sometimes you need to use your instincts or talk to those who have truly had experiences with the business owner. Let your intuition guide you on whether to hire the individual or not- not an online review, positive or negative.

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