When you’re pursuing success there comes a time where you have to ask yourself a hard question about what really matters.

Is it more important that you are right or that you figure out a way past the obstacles standing between you and your goal?

At face value, the answer is simple.

You would obviously say that you care more about being successful than you do about being right.

You think you want to win. But ego has a strange way of blinding you to poor behavior.

You say you want to win. But usually that means you want the thing you’re doing right now to be a winning thing.

You don’t want your process or ideals to be questioned. You don’t want to believe that your critics might be right.

You just want what you’re doing right now to work.

And when that does work and you don’t have to change, it’s a good day. A rare day. 

Because more times than not, you’re going to have to evolve and grow, change, experiment, and flex in order to get to where you want to be.

Whatever it takes is often something you don’t have to give all by yourself.

Are you willing to learn from embarrassing moments? Or are you more focused on making sure you don’t look bad?

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