Possibility is what you make it.

It’s possible to fail despite being the favorite to win. It’s not impossible to win big despite being the person expected to lose.

Your possibility is fueled by the choices you make.

The decisions you make each day determine how possible it is for you to get closer to where you want to be.

And it is your perspective — how you interpret your particular situation — that causes you to make choices that you might not even think about. Subconscious choices.

You’ve been there before, where you just haven’t felt good about a person or a particular situation. There really wasn’t any evidence to cause you to feel that way, but it’s hard to shake your intuition.

You trust your feelings.

In truth, those feelings and your instinct are subconscious choices being made automatically for you based on what you inherently believe to be possible.

If you believe that you can figure it out, you will automatically make the choice to do things that are hard and unpleasant in pursuit of your goal.

If you don’t believe in your mission and are not obsessed with what you’re doing, you will instinctively find a way to back out and give up on yourself.

Maybe you’re losing because you haven’t taken the time to develop your sense of possibility.

  1. Read a good book about someone else’s struggle to find success.
  2. Spend quiet time each day meditating on the things that matter to you.
  3. Have a list of goals that lead you closer to where you want to be.
  4. Develop friendships with people who make you better at skills you need to improve.
  5. Remove yourself from negative influences and people who drag you down.
  6. Do small things that seem scary and uncomfortable.

Don’t leave your possibility up to chance.

Believe in yourself. Challenge yourself. Teach yourself.

Make being awesome a realistic expectation.

Expect nothing less.

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