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5756000763_c8648c23b7_z[1]Are you top-of-mind in your contacts’ minds?

If you didn’t answer “yes” quickly or responded with a “maybe,” then it’s time to make this one of your priorities. Warm referrals are a coveted form of getting business and a job, and one of the most likely ways to make this happen for you is to be the first name that comes to mind when someone is looking for a product or service you offer.

Tactics that help:

    Design a website that focuses on your key product or service.
    Use online media (LinkedIn, Facebook) to zero in on your key talents/services
    Post to LinkedIn groups in your area of expertise.
    Attend your industry trade shows. People on “booth duty” have a lot of time to talk. Review the program ahead of time and try to talk with presenters/keynoters, etc.
    Join a horizontal professional organization (within your industry).
    Join a vertical professional organization (people who have the same kind of job).
    Become involved in the groups you join. Committee work shortens the time it takes to build relationships.
    Seek speaking opportunities (paid or no fee) for groups whose membership is made up of companies for which you want to work.
    Reconnect with people you used to work with, this time for the purpose of building solid relationships.


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