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I had written a post a while back about a similar issue. Employment scams are running rampant, and sadly many people are falling for them. They will offer you a “job” as a “payment processor” meaning they will trick you into giving them your banking info, and that will give them an opportunity to not only drain your account- but to steal your identity. So be careful if you ever receive an email like this:

(I used the initials of the scammer, but kept the name of the “company” she is “working” for. Just in case you get a similar email from someone working from the same “company”, then you will know it is a complete scam).

Good day Miriam

I am a representative of Santex Consulting Company. My name is A.M.
We examined your resume on «Higher Bracket» and we want to offer to work in our team of professionals in the field of consulting. We suggest you to operate as “Customer Service Officer”. Job responsibilities on this position are: tracking payments of clients, work with documents, business communication using email and phone. You will receive tasks from the Office-Manager, to carry out them and to notify him on a condition of implementation. It is also necessary to keep in touch with our financiers.

Working conditions: this position assumes work from home. You will need to devote for it 3-4 hours per day 2-4 times per week. Salaries is made each two weeks in the amount of 2600 CAD (Including Taxes) and 5% of each processed payment. Two weeks are counted from the date of the first successful payment of the client.

You can combine this work with any other if it does not affect quality of accomplishment of tasks.

Santex Consulting Company successfully functions long ago in international market. The staff of the company provides high-quality consulting services to the small companies. Our main office is in Switzerland. There is an office in New York, and opening in Canada is planned in the near future.
We are in a stage of expansion of business to Canada now. After opening of the office you will be able to pass to work into office and to construct successful career in our company.

If you are sure that you can perform your duty well on this position while combining this type of work with some other position, we will not be against it.
If you are interested in learning more about this position, please reply and I will provide you with the more details.
I hope for feedback shortly.

Sincerely , A.M.
Office Coordinator & Recruiting Manager
Santex Consulting Company

If you receive an email like that, delete, delete, delete and never look back!

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