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Blow Your Resolutions Already?

This is the time of the year when we historically look to make resolutions.  “This year I am going to [fill in the blank with stop smoking, lose weight, leave my job, etc.].”  The resolutions are usually built around disappointment with ourselves (I’m fat) or are a punishment (I love to smoke, but it is bad for me so I have to stop).  We tackle our resolutions with a vengeance.  We beat ourselves into submission.  We guilt ourselves into making changes.  We berate our current state and then set lofty unreachable ideals.  And, usually in a few days, weeks, or if we are a rare bird, months, we drop our resolutions.  Instead, what if this year you set intentions?

Intentions are a powerful tool.  They are based in desire, wishes, and joy instead of resolutions’ “shoulds,” “have tos,” and deprivation. 

Intentions are what you want to gift yourself.  So instead of a resolution to “lose weight,” create an intention is to “be healthy.”  It is much more positive and it allows a range of ways to achieve the state of being healthy.  Ensure that your intentions are written in joy not personal attack.  Joy empowers you to make the changes you want.  Joy is a motivator.  Joy creates courage and conviction. 

Intentions are focused on what you want to experience not what you have to do to get that experience.  Think of the outcome.  Think of what you want to be or experience.  What state do you want to be in?  How do you want your day to feel?  Don’t worry about how to get there.  The idea is that in each and every moment you check in.  “Is what I am doing helping me to feel my intention or not?”  Then adjust your actions accordingly.  So if you want to feel healthier, ask yourself if having one more cookie is going to get you there.  If it is, fine, eat it in joy.  If not, put down the frosted goodness. 

Focus your intentions in the now.  Write them as if you have already achieved them.  “I am in perfect health.”  This makes your intention into a reality instead of an unobtainable wish.  If you write, “I want to be in perfect health,” it is like you are waiting for approval from someone or something to grant your wish.  Instead make it a fact. 

Be sure to write down your intentions.  There is a power in writing down and making our intentions known.  Then write them again every morning to keep you focused on the life you desire.

Let’s create your 2014.  What are your desires?  Write them as positive statements you have already achieved.  Write about the state you will be in, not the how you got there.  Write them in joy not punishment.  Then every day write your intention list and stay focused on how you can come just a little bit closer today to experiencing your intentions.

Drop me a note and let me know how you are doing.  Wishing you all the best joy, health, abundance, and prosperity in 2014!!

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