Following the success of our first live webinar workshop a few weeks ago, we are at it once again. We are learning from the participant comments how to make the webinars better each time–and we will be offering this workshop for free to help teachers around the country.

This time the focus will be on physical science activities covering the 4th & 5th grade standards on the topic of energy. AIMS science activities are always inquiry-based and lead your students through the scientific process. Registration will be available for the first 100 individuals who sign up (first come first served). The date of this webinar workshop will be May 1st at 2:00 PDT (which of course is 5:00 EDT, 4:00 CDT and 3:00 MDT).Webinar resize 1

Shortly after registering for the webinar, participants will receive an email directing them to download the materials that they will use during the workshop and a list of supplies that they will need to gather ahead of time in order to do the activities along with the presenter. In the past, AIMS professional development workshops have always been a hands-on experience for the teachers who attend; the online webinar workshops are designed to be the same. This is not a webinar where you just sit back and watch: with AIMS activities you always DO something. Remember the old Chinese proverb:
I Hear and I Forget,
I See and I Remember,
I DO and I Understand.webinar resize 4

Based on the feedback from our first webinar, we plan for this one to be a little shorter, covering fewer activities, and afterwards all of the participants will be able to download the complete PDF files for each activity that was used in the workshop. In addition, the presenter will be available for a short follow-up session the following week for the teachers who might wish to discuss activities or concepts in more depth, or discuss their experiences after using an activity in their own classroom.

If you are interested in joining this physical science webinar for 4th & 5th grades, please click the following link to register. You will receive all of the needed information via email.

Link to register:


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