Creativity is messy. Innovation isn’t linear.

You might automatically assume that as you learn and grow and mature that all of your insight and experience will propel you in a straight line towards where you want to be.

But that’s not the case. Success almost always demands a reboot. A time when you fail and then figure it out.

This is a dangerous place to find yourself.

It is a scary and uncomfortable position.

So it matters that you interpret the situation right. You’re not a loser. You might not even have made any big, terrible mistakes.

The automatic cost of doing things differently is chaos.

Taking things to the next level requires a different set of tools. It requires breakthrough of its own.

You won’t go from ordinary to awesome without a few stumbles along the way.

That whole process is frustrating and messy.

But it is to be expected.

You’re trying something new. You believe that you can do something better. The end result of your breakthrough will be massive success.

So between now and then learn from your mistakes, get all the advice you can, and believe in your mission.

The price you’re paying now will be worth it.

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