Miriam Slozberg

The more you create a strong social media presence, the higher the risk of you becoming cyber bullied. Pre-teens and high school aged kids are not just at risk. Anyone is! And if you, regardless of age don’t know how to handle cyber bullies- you will become a victim to bullying. Anyone at any age is not immune to it, and you do not want to deal with that- especially when you are doing your best to create a strong social media presence.

I have faced bullying in life. During junior high and early high school (thank goodness the internet was not in the picture at that time) and less than 10 years ago on an online forum. Fortunately that did not last because I ended up following the steps I am about to provide.

One of the, initial, best ways, to get rid of bullies online is to first -ignore them.
Do your best to ignore every single word they say. They will not like being ignored and they might just go elsewhere.

There are some rare cases that they continue. If that happens and after you ignore them, please make sure that you have ignored them for enough time. Usually you will have to ignore them for a few weeks or even a month before the roughest of the online bullies decide to leave you alone.

If after being patient, and you still have a bully, you would want to check online to see where you can report these cyber bullies.

I will give you some very important bits of information-

Always know that cyber bullies generally might try and trick you into giving out your password or giving out personal information. Do not be tricked. Never give any personal information at all to anyone online, including to your family members. Some cyber bullies will set up false emails and false accounts to mimic your friends and family, and if that happens just ignore them. Speak to your friends and with family in person or on the phone.

Also know that cyber bullies, some of them, can become real bullies in real life. Especially if they know where you live and this is one reason why ignoring them is the best practice. Most of them are seeking those that they can intimidate.

If this is happening to you, just know that you are not alone. Talk with trusted friends and family and co-workers in person or on the phone and ask their opinions of what to do. Just make sure that you always ignore these bullies!

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