Discover Rising Tides with Ali Johnson

How the Outside Makes the Inside Better     

Through conversations with female business owners, we explore the benefits of time spent outside to maintain life balance. The time outside and activity may differ in each conversation, but we delve into the subject to find the commonality that drives us all. As a business owner, I find myself outside to balance the challenges of every day 

Discovering Ali Johnson – As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Personal Chef, and REAL Food Educator…it’s not hard to tell that food is Ali’s THING!   Her advanced training in nutrition science and behavior change has given her the ability to confidently guide you towards eating simply for health.  Ali can support those ready to tackle weight loss, digestive complaints, blood sugar issues, autoimmune conditions, and other chronic health concerns. she teaches self care, intuition, habit change and resilience. She can help you to become more in-tune with your body.

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October 6th, 2021  3:00 pm PST

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