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Everything isn’t all bad. Life isn’t over. You’re just facing a problem.

Frustration has a way of corrupting your perspective.

When you’re feeling angry and confused by the situation you are in at the time, it’s easy to feel like nothing is going right. Like everything is a problem.

Usually, that’s just not the case.

You’re stuck. It’s a simple as that.

There is work to be done. That’s the secret.

Do something about it. Make progress. Build a plan. Move closer towards where you want to be.

Motion build emotion.

Activity changes your attitude.

You might not feel any better right away, but you’ll be doing the things that will make you feel a whole lot better down the road.

Doing nothing can’t be an option. Staying stuck isn’t a choice you’re willing to accept.

Don’t let your perspective rob you of future results.

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