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A reader writes: “Help! I am in transition, and to make matters worse, I just moved to Albany, NY with my spouse. Do you have any contacts or organizations you can recommend in this area?”

While I don’t have any contacts in Albany, I do have suggestions for you.

• Check immediately with the Albany chamber of commerce and surrounding chambers. Many have lists of the professional, civic, business and social organizations in the city, whether they are members or not.
• Search the web. First of all check for job clubs in the Albany area. Then check with national associations you belong to or have belonged to and see if they have local chapters. Include professional, industrial and civic associations and fraternities and sororities.
• Be sure to ask people! Use your face-to-face opportunities to talk with your insurance agents, bankers, neighbors, school and church acquaintances, your hairdresser, etc.

Prepare your goals and Verbal Business Card so that you can clearly articulate what you are seeking. The easier it is for others to understand, the more likely you are to get their assistance.

And, don’t forget to give back … or give simultaneously … because the universe will make sure you get it back tenfold!


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