MC900436081[1]We like to do business with people we know and trust. Face-to-face networking helps get you known. Here are some hints to help you build trust with potential and current customers, employees and peers.

    Be trustworthy. Do what you say you will do when you promise it to be done. Keep confidences. Refrain from gossip; don’t give or get.
    Show integrity. Be honest and exhibit strong morals and ethics in your personal and professional lives. Reality is that one affects the other even if they “shouldn’t.”
    • Treat others respectfully. Trust them until they show you otherwise.
    Give honest feedback. People – whether they are your peers, employees, associates or friends – deserve to know how you feel or think about their behavior, performance, etc., when asked. Be careful about sharing unsought opinions.
    Listen with your ears and eyes, i.e., listen four times more than you speak … in the proportion in which you were gifted.
    Support those who work with/for you whether it is as a volunteer or paid relationship. Be a team player vs. an individual standout.
    Recognize/acknowledge when someone does a good job.
    Empower others to make decisions, and give them authority along with responsibility.
    Walk your talk. Be sure your words and deeds match.


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