MP900289528[1]As a speaker, I have the opportunity to sit through a lot of other people’s presentations. Most are enjoyable and valuable.

There are those “others” – the ones where I keep thinking, “There has to be some “how” coming along with all this theory and why.” The presentation ends without it and leaves me wondering, “Is the presenter so desperate for business that s/he could not give even a few tips?”

It’s a controversial topic. How much do you give the audience so they still want more and will hire you? Some say that if you give too much “away,” they won’t need you. They pretty much stick to only why … and self-promotion.

    Case in point: During the Q&A following a presentation on SEO, I asked the presenter for some “how to” tips because there had been none. Zero. His answer was animated. He grabbed his business card, ran over to me and said, “You have to hire me for that information.” No thank you.

Others educate you with how along with some why.

I definitely fall into the latter category strongly believing my audiences want practical, helpful information rather than theory.
Then again, I also don’t believe in blatant selling and promotion from the stage. When you do a great job that is promotion enough.

I have been successful for more than 20 years with my beliefs.

What do you think?


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