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During a recent face-to-face networking presentation, I was surprised to see two people blatantly texting. Attendance was around 20 so it was easy to make eye contact and observe what people were doing.

My questions are:

    • What would you have done as the presenter?
    • Is each of us so important that we need to be available 24/7 even when it means tuning out the presenter whom, by attending her/his workshop, we have given permission to speak with us?
    • Are courtesy and respect for someone who is speaking outdated, and by this question I include smaller, interactive conversations as well?
    • Why do we place more emphasis on communicating with people other than those we are with?

You can respond to this blog or to me personally at I’d like to hear from you so I can share your thoughts (anonymously, of course) and communicate what I did.


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