Instead of making 2014 resolutions, which are often idealistic and unrealistic, this year create a written relationship-building Plan.

Make it practical and concrete so it will help you achieve maximum benefits from your networking endeavors. Whether you prefer face-to-face, online or preferably both – networking is still the number one way to increase sales, get a job and enhance your career success.

Sure, the plan takes a while to create; however with slight modifications, it can last you for years and, importantly, keep you from fishing for trout in a catfish pond. You’ll know where to find your target market or people who can introduce you to your target market.

cover1Here are a few tips:

    • Write down the focus of your business or your job and if you are in transition what you would like to do. Articulate succinctly as you follow Thomas Jefferson’s advice: “Never use two words when one will do.”

    • Determine your U.O. What’s your Unique Offering? How do you do what you do differently? Why would people hire you or buy your products or services when they know five other people who supposedly do or sell the same thing?

Next week, I’ll share more tips. In the interim, you will find the process carefully detailed in Breakthrough Networking: Building Relationships That Last, third edition.


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