Much has been written and said about social capital. Some of it is esoteric and even obscure. According to Wikipedia, it “is the expected collective or economic benefits derived from the preferential treatment and cooperation between individuals and groups.” I agree yet that’s not verbiage for my workshops and seminars. It doesn’t role off my tongue easily so I am guessing it is as difficult or even more so for my audiences to process in real time.

Door KnobThat’s why I created a simple, yet potent and relevant definition. “Social capital is your network of knob turners” … those people who can open doors for you. And who among us doesn’t want more people to open doors?

Who you know is more important than advanced degrees when you’re trying to get an important meeting or interview with someone you don’t know. That’s when you want to turn to that network of knob turners. Once inside the door you can use your knowledge and advanced degrees to get the business or the job.

More about social capital next week!


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