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A female reader asks: What’s the most professional way to carry my business cards at networking events particularly since I don’t want bulges in my pants or suit pockets?

Good question! I face the same dilemma. As a professional speaker and trainer, I, too, want my suits to fit as nearly perfectly as possible … and years ago quit cutting open the pockets.

My solution is several (very) small leather shoulder bags in different colors. They have room for a few essentials and my business cards. My bags have two zippered compartments, and I keep only cards in one so as to not pull out anything else when I demurely reach into my bag.

To eliminate the faux pas of pulling out someone else’s card (and it helps me maintain eye contact), I keep mine in the front and put those I receive in the back of my stack. Since I want to keep my hands free, I file others’ cards after I have looked at them. I’ll be writing more about business card etiquette soon.

Men can carry their cards in an inside jacket pocket or a shirt pocket. It is far more professional than pulling them out of a pants pocket.


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