… more responses to my question about what you would do if someone was texting during you presentation.

    • I might use a nonverbal response such as continuing to talk as I walk over to the ones doing it. I’d look down at what they’re doing without saying anything, note their reaction and then move on.
    • I start with a high-energy opening that grabs attention and has lots of humor. Usually, it grabs their attention from the get-go. If I am later faced with a situation such as texting, I can jump on it, again using humor that generally gets a laugh even from the perpetrators. Nobody is likely to repeat their actions. Caveat … it has to fit naturally with your presenting style.
    • I might walk over and ask if they have their phones ready for our very own selfie. I have to admit I have yet to try this approach!
    • Since I speak on productivity, I have used experiences such as this to highlight that multitasking generally is not effective.
    • Have you tried acknowledging their behavior by giving them a 5-minute break to check emails while sharing you would then like their full attention? This may not be feasible in a 30-45 minute program.

I’ll wrap it up in my next blog.


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