Failing Upwards

Failing Upwards

Failing Upwards is a feel good comedy about Unemployment and the hilarity of finding a job…even if you have to lie to get one.

The show follows a group of four unlikely friends who find themselves going through unemployment, TOGETHER!

Each of our characters, inept, in their own special way, end up surprising themselves, each other, and the audience with their ability to get the job done…WHATEVER it may be!

Many people have experienced unemployment. This is our comedic take on that experience.

Please watch us Failing Upwards with one bizarre success after another…using the term “success” loosely, of course!

Very Arrested Development meets Reality Bites. We are shooting our first full season in April of 2012 with an amazing Director, Director of Photography and crew to bring you quality Entertainment.

Trust us. It’ll be funny.

Episode One: Pilot

Episode Three: Stereotypically Speaking

Episode Five: Ho Hum
Episode Two: Thumbs Up

Episode Four: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Episode Six: Estate Sale
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