Finding Beauty in Our Community

The snow flies as I write this (yes it was mid-April!), and I think of the duck sitting in my yard devotedly keeping her eggs warm. This dear one will continue to do so for 25 to 29 days. She is a bit on her own in this process though her dedication is not uncommon.

True Love – watercolor ©D'Argo 2014

True Love – watercolor ©D’Argo 2014

In another part of town there is another kind of dedication: a beautiful couple, Louis and Serena, who have been together since 1994. They are a pair of mute swans purchased by the village to assist with the over-population of Canada Geese. This lovely pair who mate for life can live to be 10 to15 years of age when in captivity. The mute swans are not really mute, they are just less vocal than other swan species.

These large birds measuring from 49 to 67 inches in length are not native to North America, but have adapted well to our Municipal pond by the care of the Village of Schaumburg with a special diet. They overwinter at a farm with open water that does not freeze over, then return to the Village pond in late March where they will typically nest and hatch five to seven cygnets (offspring) around Memorial Day. Together the couple raise their young. A lifetime together, it is no wonder that the swan is commonly used as a symbol of love.

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul. – St. Augustine

Come visit the swans this spring at the pond on the Municipal Center grounds, located just off of Schaumburg Road, west of Plum Grove Road.

Or view them from the live camera feed.

For more information about the swans go to:

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