2014 10 09 1230 300x174 Four Powerful Tips to Increase Engagement on Instagram

I have had many people ask me how to receive more interaction on Instagram. In fact, many are frustrated that they can barely get 10 likes on nice images that they upload. I understand the frustration and I have had to learn myself on how to create a healthy presence on Instagram.

Instagram, the image sharing network is becoming more and more popular. In fact, many business owners have found their clients by sharing their photos across the network. It is not a surprise that the popularity is increasing since many individuals are the visual type and are attracted to pictures. It is definitely a great idea on how to learn how to attract more engagement on this network as a result. I want to share four powerful tips on how to just do that.

  • Upload Images that you know will Catch People’s Attention- Most of the time many people know to do this anyway. However, just in case you want to be reminded of the types of pictures that strike a bunch of fancies- I will tell you. Pictures of food, striking looking food that is like desserts or scrumptious dinners always get people curious. Taking a picture of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is definitely not discouraged, however you may not get as much interaction on a post like that because it just may not be interesting enough for most people. Pictures of animals, beautiful scenery, plants, flowers and even image quotes you can download onto your phone from sites will certainly capture the interest of others. You are also encouraged to take pictures of places you visit, or even pictures that are related to your business. It is best to mix types of photos up as well to diversify. Some social media consultants may disagree with this. Mixing niches too often in other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter is not recommended. However, with Instagram, I think it is perfectly fine to do! Instagram is an excellent platform to really express yourself. Common sense will also tell you to never post images that are downright disturbing, which I don’t feel is necessary to elaborate on. Unfortunately I have seen shocking images on Instagram and have reported them as well.


  • Always Use the Following Hashtags– Hashtagging your social media posts is a sure way to receive extra exposure! However for Instagram you will want to use the following hashtags to receive more interaction and likes for your images- #likealways #instagood #instadaily #instalove #instaquote #picoftheday #instacute #likeforlike #like4like #20likes. If you are posting a picture of a dog, it is fine to also add #dog or the type of breed. If it is a picture of dessert, then hashtagging the dessert is also fine. However you don’t need to use all of the hashtags in one post listed above. Be sure to not to use more than 7 hashtags for your Instagram pics or else it will appear too spammy (For other networks like Facebook and Twitter it is not advisable to use more than 3). Doesn’t it annoy you when you click on someone’s Instagram picture and underneath it is filled with 100 hashtags that you need to scroll down through? How many of them have you read as a result of that as well? I bet none. Be mindful when hashtagging.


  • Engage Back– If someone likes your images, then be sure to engage back. If you don’t, then other users will lose interest. In fact if someone comments on your images, mention them and thank them. They will appreciate it and keep an eye out for your new stuff!

2014 10 09 1310 300x211 Four Powerful Tips to Increase Engagement on Instagram

  • Post At Least One Image a Day– Be consistent with posting on Instagram. If you post less than one image a day, you will have not much of a presence on Instagram. That means less interaction than you would like. If you are not sure of what to post, you can either go and take pictures of a nice outside scenery, or your delicious dinner, your pet, or you can download royalty free images that fit into a category that you know will pique people’s interest.

To sum up, post at least one image a day, hashtag it, and interact! Happy Instagramming!

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