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1079846 platinum mic Four Super Benefits of Podcasting

In order to become highly influential in your niche, you need to definitely move out of your comfort zone and go beyond only sharing intriguing content on your social media networks. You need to create a podcast, and add your episodes as part of the content you are sharing on your networks. Below I will list the benefits of having your own podcast.

1. You Can Reach a Brand New Audience – A lot of people are actually quite interested in listening to audios that are relevant to their interests. Videos are definitely popular as well, however one advantage that audio has is that people can multitask while listening to a podcast where as they are unable to when it comes to watching a video. Many people like to listen to podcasts while driving, and that is something that cannot be done with video. By having a podcast, you will reach those who are looking for shows to listen to and why not have them land on your’s!

2. Create a Relationship with your Listeners – When you have a regular informative podcast (weekly is best), your listeners will look forward to listening to your shows and will be not only receptive to what you put out- however they can become loyal customers and clients.

3. Increase your Potential in Advertising – A podcast is a great way to advertise without appearing salesy. If you have a new product or service, have a show that is relevant to what you are offering and talk only about the benefits of what you are offering, and then towards the end of the show, you can promote it. Since the mp3 of your podcast can be submitted to different directories, the reach becomes even wider.

4. Increase your Influence – Having a strong social media presence alone is great however, if you have a podcast that revolves a niche you are influential in, it skyrockets your authority alone. It is best if you have a weekly podcast with guests who have large networks of their own.

A lot of people are hesitant to have their own podcast because many times they have no idea how to start, and they believe that they have to set up a lot of equipment and have to be more efficient in technology. Sometimes that is the case. However, you can also set one up quite easily and for free as well. Go to and sign up for a free account, which will give you a half hour per day which is more than what you need. You can buy royalty free music to use for an intro or go to Fiverr to have one created, and then set up a day and time to have your podcast – start planning! You can also offer your connections to be a guest on your show if you feel they would be a good fit.

I know my podcast, Getting Social with Miriam has been beneficial for me. By the way, if you would like to be a guest, find how here how you can do that here. If you have a podcast and feel that I would be a good fit for you as a guest, definitely contact me for that as well.


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