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From time to time it’s important to force yourself to get a new perspective on the world around you.

If all you ever do is talk to the same people about the same subjects, then you’re just going to get the same recycled ideas and agreeable conversation that drives stagnation.

You’re not going to get any better.

It’s when you push outside your comfort zone, talk to people who aren’t going to sugarcoat advice to you, and look at

what you’re doing

from a new angle that you start to see areas where you can  improve.

That doesn’t come naturally. It’s not natural to fight to be better, archieve a level of success, then throw it all away an attempt even more successful ventures.

That’s insanity. That’s what crazy people do.

That’s also the secret to achieving outrageous success.

Sometimes, a step back really isn’t I step back, its a leap forward.

If this sounds like its crazy, it’s because it is. Why not rest on your laurels? Why not just be better than the few people around you? Isn’t good, good enough?

Those are questions you have to answer for yourself.

One one can force you to want to be better. No one can make you do the things that champions do.

The truth about champions is that they’re always looking to improve. Always looking for ways to take their game to the next level.

That requires a frank look at what you’re doing and what you could be doing better.

It demands a step back. A new perspective.

A new set of friends and counselors.

That’s what it takes to be amazing. Maybe it’s time for you to get a fresh perspective.

What do you think?

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