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Take a moment to breathe.

You might be surprised at what a fresh perspective can do for you.

The stakes are high. But they’ve always been that way.

You’re left bothered by where you are.

You’re concerned by all the places you need to be and the progress you need to make.

In truth, there is no amount of hustle or charm that can speed things up faster than they are going to move.

If you’re doing all you could do, the only thing left to adjust is your perspective.

Your vantage point. The way you look at the situation.

That’s not a small thing to fix either.

It means that you’re willing to change.

You’re humble enough to admit there might be a better way that you had not already considered.

You’re resilient and tenacious, but also curious. You are learning and growing each day.

Not because life forces you to adapt due to the horrific consequences of your mistakes, but because you’re going out of your way to evolve and expand and be a better version of you.

So take a deep breath and think about what uncomfortable thing you need to do in order to get a better view of where you want to end up.

Who is that person you need to ask for help? What is that new skill you need to learn?

The only thing standing between you and a clear picture of success is where you’re standing.

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