Last night West and I went to the home of Tammy and Grant Brown to give Tammy the quilt she won.  We gathered in their living room which had been beautifully decorated for Christmas.  Their Christmas Tree was right by the window so could be enjoyed from either inside or outside.

Tammy is a happy person.  Whenever I think of her, I picture her smiling.  But last night her smile was even bigger.  It was such a pleasure to present her with the Snowflake Quilt that she had won by making a donation on a website to a non-profit organization (See Thank You Reward Tab for details and to read about the next reward item).  Tammy is a woman but had a childlike joy as she hugged the quilt.  As the maker of this quilt, it thrilled me to have someone cherish the quilt and appreciate my work.  Anyone who does handmade crafts can relate, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Tammy and Valerie 12-23-13

Tammy & Grant
Tammy Quilt West

Happy Giving and Happy Holidays to Everyone!


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