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Google Docs and Sheets Go Offline

So I know that after all my posts on Google Drive and its associated products, you’re using it as part of your classroom, and it’s making part of your life a lot easier.

I also know that you were probably frustrated at the missing ability to create documents when you didn’t have an internet connection. Well despair no more!

Google just released separate Google Docs and Google Sheets apps for iOS and Android that allow you to create, view and edit documents offline!

Google Sheets Offline Editing

You can now take your iPad or Android tablet out on a hike with you and be able to work on your novel, teaching plans, or Hawaii summer vacation budget far, far away from an internet connection. Or more realistically, you can now work on the bus or subway on your commute.

If you have adapted Google Drive into your classroom and/or as part of your day, please let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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