Are you looking for a job?  Have you met someone new?  Would you like to shine in your children’s eyes?   If someone googled your name, what would they find?  Would you like the person the internet portrays?  If so, kudos to you.  You have probably been true to yourself and said and done things that do not leave you with regrets.  If not, then hopefully you have learned from any regrettable quote or deed and are ready to move on to more positive things.

Google your own name.  Then google the name of someone you hold in high make it happenregard.  Did you learn new things (good, bad or neutral) about your friend?  Did you see something in your friend’s history that you would like to see on your own history?   Keep in mind that there are big accomplishments and small accomplishments and that some of these are attainable and some may not be.  I have some very intelligent friends who are involved in research.  I am amazed at the things they are contributing to and cannot add any value to that.  Conversely, I do things that because of their careers they do not have time for.  Of course I may find things that inspire me and I can emulate to add to my history.

How many people share your name?  I did a search on a relative’s name and found there are over 100 people in the US with the same name.  So, I narrowed the search to Illinois and still got 10,000 hits.  I found his profile by trial and error.  Would someone else take extra steps?  The point is that If they do not, you may be judged by someone else’s actions.  If you have a common name, perhaps also consistently use your middle initial.  And, it may be even more important to do good things that are Google worthy so they appear at the top of the search.

If you play the part of a perspective employer and google your name, are the results beneficial to you being chosen for the job?  If you meet someone special and they (smartly) google you, will there be subsequent dates?  Lastly, if your loved ones google you would your on line persona make them proud?

If your legacy is not a good one, what will you do to improve it?

All the Best,

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