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There are so many who suffer in silence.  They are afflicted by a pain that others can not see, yet it is debilitating.  Their eyes and nervous systems can be affected.  They can be nauseous to the point of throwing up.  These individuals have vertigo, dizziness, and other vestibular disorders.

Their illness could have come from an injury or it is chronic.  Many turn to medication which can help suppress the vestibular system and therefore the pain, but the medication can also cause grogginess.

Dr. Michele Kehrer uncovers the root cause of the vestibular disorder and then can remove the symptoms in as little as two visits.  She can help patients get off their medications, be released from their disorder, and return to the life they want to live.

Listen in to this episode of The Empowerment Show to learn more about Dr. Michele Kehrer and how she can help those with Vestibular Disorders.


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