You may have read some of my blog posts where I have included AIMS math activities explained with the use of Doceri whiteboard presentations. Because I have been incorporating Doceri in my posts I was contacted by the @teamDoceri social media people asking me if I would consider being the featured guest on their April 16th Wednesday evening Twitter chat (#docerichat). Definitely yes, I said.

I am a bit of a Twitter amateur, so I was somewhat unaware of what was going to happen during the “chat”. I did a bit of homework and watched a Doceri on what to expect. Then I was ready. During the chat I would be on the phone with “Team Doceri” just in case anything needed further explaining or went wrong. Everyone else following would be communicating by tweets.

The conversation began a little slow. Then suddenly it was a fast moving exchange of tweets revolving around Doceri, CCSS, students teaching each other, parent involvement, and educational philosophy. What fun and time flew by. Our hour extended to almost 90 minutes! We wrapped up and said goodbye.

The following day Doceri’s blog shared the entire chat. I had an amazing experience and look forward to other Twitter chats. I am happy to continually learn new things and be enlightened about social media possibilities. I look forward to exploring ways to incorporate Twitter chats with our AIMS followers. If you have ideas about that please let me know. You can find me on Twitter @dlporc. Be in touch, and thanks.DoceriBlog



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