Miriam Slozberg


The talk of the world has revolved around the US election lately, as the decision will be made on November 8th, 2016 in regards to who will become president of the USA. Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? I will not be sharing my opinions on either candidate, and considering the fact that I am Canadian, it doesn’t matter anyway.  Although, everyone in the world will be impacted by whoever gets in anyway.

However, I have noticed one issue that has been coming up as a result of the upcoming election. There are many relationships strained, and many friendships have ended as a result. I even read a sad comment on a post having to do with the election. A woman who supported Clinton commented said that she would divorce her husband if he voted for Trump. Based on the further discussion she had with others about that, she was definitely not joking. She was serious.

Another woman who supported Trump said on social media that she cut ties with her brother who supported Clinton. She had nothing but negative things to say about him. Maybe they weren’t close to begin with, but this election seems to be that straw that is breaking a lot of backs of camels.

What this election has successfully done so far is showing people’s true colours, and where their loyalties really lie. Was it this way in the past? I am talking about long before social media was even a thought? I don’t really know. Then again 2016 will be one year that no one will ever forget.

Even non-Americans are getting into the discussions and becoming heated up about the whole situation because social media breeds heated discussions which can become disastrous.  Personally I think it is sad beyond words. However, if relationships are meant to stick, they will regardless of which candidate someone’s loves one or friend supports.

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